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Glenda Chauncy guaranteed she could modify our mortgage and get us a principal reduction. She told us attorneys would be working on our file. We now know this was all a lie. She said she had mortgage processors working on our file. She was taking the money upfront in violation of Florida law and putting it right in her pocket. All of her employees have now quit and we can never get anyone live at her office. Glenda never returns phone calls or emails. We finally tracked down a former employee who said everyone quit because she didn't pay them. She just took everyones money and went out partying on it.

Glenda Chauncy - GCG Processing Systems dba GCG Consulting Services

3200 South Hiawassee Rd Suite #205,

Orlando Florida 32835

United States of America

Phone: 407-704-7958

Web Address:

Category: Loan Modification



Run far far away from this broad.She scams people by day to support her alcoholic lifestyle, sex depraved lifestyle.

She screws over her friends in a second. She is now scamming people with loan mods.

Word is she is being investigated.Do not give her money.


Loan Modification? Get real. Glenda Chauncy is a piece of work.

Glenda works both sides of the fence. I know because prior to the real estate crash she promoted herself as Platinum Property Investing, and is still listed as a Mortgage Broker / Loan Officer in Orlando.

So, once part of the problem, now claiming to be part of the solution??? Yeah right.

If a homeowner in trouble has any equity left, Chauncy is connected with those who can step in and steal their home.

Use your brain and stay away from these kind of people.


Glenda Chauncy tries to come off as if she is doing the Lord’s work, but she doesn’t have a care for the people she cons.She preys on people when they are vulnerable and at their lowest point.

She took us for a lot of money.

What about what you took from us Glenda?Does it matter to you who you hurt?


It figures, lol.Glenda is a big liar, and always has been.

Maybe she’s getting better at it...but hey, if you are *** enough to believe her....I'm mean there’s a sucker born every minute.Too bad suckers.


Is this what she is doing now? If this is the same Glenda Chauncy who lived in Celebration Florida and was with Hicham Labiad who was in the timeshare business, then I say stay away from her. She is bad news.

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